Sunbiz Search By Entity Name (2024)

1. Florida Division of Corporations -

  • Officer/Registered Agent · Trademark Name · Registered Agent Name · FEI/EIN

2. Search Records - Division of Corporations

  • Search Guides · Fictitious Name · Corporation Records · Federal Lien Registration

  • Search by:

3. Entity Name List - - Division of Corporations

  • Search Records · Search By Entity Name · Next List. Entity Name List. Corporate Name, Document Number, Status. THE CORPORATION COMPANY, 017109, Active. LTD CORP ...

4. Corporation Records - Florida Department of State

  • You can search our database by: Entity Name – lists business entities and registrations by name. Results include the document number and status of each record.

  • Search Guide

5. Florida Secretary of State (Sunbiz) | Business Entity Search

  • Business Entity Search. 1. Visit The Florida Department Of Corporations Sunbiz Portal.

  • The Florida Department of State makes its database of registered business entities accessible to the public. Any business entity that has filed with the Florida Department of State will have its public information available on this site through a business entity search tool maintained by the Department of State. Business Entity Search 1. Visit The ... Read more

6. Business Entity Records | Alabama Secretary of State

7. Filing - Delaware Division of Corporations

  • To retrieve information on a Delaware entity, Key in the name of the entity you are searching. The search results will return both active and inactive entities ...

  • Delaware Division of Corporations - Home Page

8. Business Entity Name Search - New Jersey Government Services

  • Search Registered Businesses. Searches for Registered Businesses search the existing registered business database for any entity that matches the search ...

  • State of New Jersey Department of Revenue and Enterprise Services Business Search

9. Business Record Searches - Pa Department of State

  • ... search two entity names per call. The records may only be accessed by the correct entity name or entity number, not by officer or owner's name. Businesses ...

  • The Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations searchable database is available online.Business Entity Search

10. South Carolina Secretary of State - Business Entities Online

11. North Carolina Secretary of State Business Registration Search

  • ... Registration ». Search. Expand Bread Crumb. Search. Select what you want to search: Company, Registered Agents, Company Officials, Assumed Business Names.

  • North Carolina Secretary of State Business Registration Search

12. Business Entity Search - Wyoming Secretary of State

  • Please enter a filing name or a valid Filing ID and click 'Search'. Click any result to view details. If using this tool to check for name availability, ...

  • Wyoming Secretary of State

13. INBiz: Your one-stop source for your business. -

  • Filing Number: Registered Agent Name: Incorporator or Governing Person Name: Advanced Search. I would like to search by: Type: -- Select Entity Type -- ...

  • Need Help? Give us a call: 1-317-234-9768

14. Corporations Division - Search for a business entity

  • ... online form.;. Search for a business entity. FAQ or Help. Search by Entity Name. Required: You must enter an entity name. Entity name: Search type: Begins With ...

  • Search for a business entity

15. Business Search -

  • Entity Number: -. Name: NOTE: There is a $3.00 processing fee for executive name searches. Search Hints, use: last name, (Alexander) or; multiple names ...

  • A Secure Online Service from

16. Business Entities Search - Iowa Secretary of State

  • Search Info: This page allows you to enter in the first few letters or words of a business entity name, and retrieve a list of all business entities beginning ...


17. Division of Corporations - State of Delaware -

  • Important Information Regarding Division Operations · Annual Reports and Taxes · New Regulations · Search for an Entity Name · Important Updates · Corporate ...

  • View important information regarding the operations of the Division of Corporations

Sunbiz Search By Entity Name (2024)
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